Bundaberg - Overview

Bundaberg Distribution System

Investigation board chair Maurie Maughan
Investigation board members

Dale Holliss

Peter Borrows

Mark Mammino

Phillip Miller

Lynn Smart

About Bundaberg Constructed in the 1970s the area irrigated by the distribution system is about 40,000 hectares, sourced mainly from the Burnett but also the Kolan rivers
Irrigated crops Sugar cane, tomatoes, rockmelons, watermelons, capsicum, chillies, zucchini, beans, peanuts, macadamia nuts, citrus and avocados
Customers About 890 irrigators and less than 10 non-irrigators
Channels and pipelines 630km
Pump stations 12
Balancing storages 14
Drains 0
Off takes 1586
Water transported 150,000ML
Industry Three sugar mills operate in the area

Map of Bundaberg distribution system


Water usage

Graph of water usage in the Bundaberg area