Burdekin - Overview

Burdekin Distribution System

Investigation board chair Mario Barbagallo
Investigation board members

Dan Coutts

Ian Davies

Mauro Garbuio

Peter Gilbey

Evan Shannon


About Burdekin The area irrigated by the distribution system is about 45,000 hectares, sourced from the Burdekin River, with groundwater being recharged by the Haughton River
Irrigated crops Sugarcane, mangoes, sandalwood, grain legumes and various small crops including watermelons and rockmelons
Customers About 250 irrigators and less than 5 non-irrigators
Channels and pipelines 391kms
Pump stations 13
Balancing storages 5
Drains 372km
Off takes 993
Water transported 280,000ML
Industry Two water boards and four sugar mills operate in the district


Water usage