Mareeba-Dimbulah Distribution System

Investigation board chair Joe Moro
Investigation board members

Graham Kirkwood

Maryann Salvetti

Murray Smith

Brett Stevenson

About Mareeba-Dimbulah

Constructed in the 1950s, the area irrigated by the distribution system is about 17,000 hectares, sourced from Tinaroo Falls dam on the Barron River

Irrigated crops

Sugar cane, bananas, mangoes avocados, papaya, lychees, citrus, coffee, tea trees and also a wide range of vegetable crops.

Customers Around 1000 irrigators and less than ten non-irrigators
Channels and pipelines 375km
Pump stations 5
Balancing storages 10
Drains 61km
Off takes 1328
Water transported 145,000ML
Industry One sugar mill operates in the district

Map of Mareeba distribution system


Water usage

Graph of water usage in the Mareeba-Dimbulah area